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The Phenomena of the Frozen Water Bottle

Meat glue


The Garden Song

Planting & Germination Temperatures

Planting & Germination

Easter Egg Hunt at Aveley Ranch

Easter Egg Hunt at Aveley Ranch
Bring the Family out on the 23rd of April for a day of fun and a Easter Egg Hunt!
Saturday, April 23 · 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Aveley Ranch is Lambing!

Come to Aveley Ranch and see all the Baby Lambs!!
Take a tour of our Beautiful farm and come and see what we are about FIRST HAND!
What an EXCELLENT opportunity for Children of ALL ages!!! :) 

Adults $15.00
Children $10.00
Seinors Special on Seniors' Day which is $10.00 for seniors on Thursday, April 14.

A carrot, an egg, a cup of coffee...


Hellmann's short film (Eat Real. Eat Local)

Just another great reason to grow any size of a garden you can to help supply some of your own needs for fruit and vegetables. There is a lot of info out there now with great time and energy saving techniques to make gardening easier for all, as well as ideas to utilize whatever space you have to grow in to its full potential.

Decline of Honey Bees Now a Global Phenomenon, says United Nations


Seed Saving and Seed Collectives.

4th edition, March 2011

The big changes which I had predicted when printing the 3rd edition of this
book are now a reality!
 Climate-related disasters and social uprisings are everywhere. Food and
transportation costs rise daily. Economic and political systems are crashing
before our eyes. We are spinning into a totally unpredictable future.
  One thing seems clear: our ability to survive the global meltdown will
probably depend on our ability to feed ourselves. Many communities around